About River House Bed and Breakfast

Larry & Chris

Step into the serene embrace of River House Bed and Breakfast, a haven steeped in tranquility since 2013. Tucked away amidst 5.5 acres of woodland, hidden away by the picturesque Riverside State Park and nestled alongside the enchanting Spokane River, our haven beckons those seeking true relaxation and an authentic vacation experience. We would be delighted to host you during your stay in Spokane, at River House Bed and Breakfast in Nine Mile Falls, WA


Breathtaking Bed and Breakfast in Spokane, Washington

Every meal here is a testament to homemade goodness, meticulously crafted to cater to your dietary preferences, ensuring your stay feels just like being at your own cherished abode. Immerse yourself in a myriad of activities – from invigorating bicycling, hiking, and leisurely walks to adventurous canoeing, kayaking, and even moments of blissful hammocking. The possibilities are endless, promising an unforgettable stay.

Nine Mile Falls, WA
Cozy B&B
2 Bedrooms


"It was absolutely magical, from the moment we drove onto the property, breathtaking and beautiful."

Sandy Page

"It is a beautiful property inside and out with great views of the river."

Pat Shemorry

"Chris and Larry are wonderful down to earth people. They make you feel comfortable and at home in a loving environment."

Michelle Grace

Stay With Us

With Spokane merely 9 miles away and the Spokane Airport a mere 12 miles, convenience meets seclusion seamlessly. Once our guests arrive, they find it hard to bid adieu to this oasis. Anticipating your arrival with great excitement, a simple call will connect you to this delightful experience.